The Joy Of Easter

I taught today at my son's school, the previledge was the joy of teaching bible, the kids were facinated with it, I had the joy of teaching them about Easter and the true meaning of it.  I told them about a God who lovingly gave His Son for us and that not only did He die for our sins, He rose victoriously because the grave could not hold Him, I love that part where the two men dressed in white addressed the sorrowful women and said "Why do you seek the living among the dead, He is not here, He has risen" Wow what an awesome statement, the crunch line of the whole Christian message that the Saviour had risen.  I'm looking forward to sharing with my boys the true meaning of Easter and sharing with them the message of the cross and if they're lucky they might even get some chocolate :)


Another Beautiful Morning

Fancy driving back from dropping the boys off to school and discovering that your beautiful wall that you've spent so much time painting has fully been tagged, but thankfully for graffitti guard you can just wipe it all off.  It's a shame because all the time it was just a green wall it hardly got tagged :( I think I need to go on night duty and look out for these wayward teenagers bored out of their tree and find out what's happening.  Well I'm happy that Tag out are coming out to wipe it, they always do a fantastic job and really without them this would be tag city.  Anyway have a great day today, I'm off to do some baking for my friends birthday and for the Family night at School...what a model citizen I am :)


Time to Blog :)

After spending so much time on the wall and all my romantic notions that went with it my inspiration to paint went out the window, but I have missed painting so in the next while I'm going to put some of my ideas on canvas and post them on here, the boys have kept me really busy and of course the normalities of cleaning the house and doing the washing :) the walking school bus has been going really well and the kids are really having a ball with it.  Time to sign off for awhile I'm going to try and keep up this website and let you know what's going on in my life besides Art :)


World Prayer