Where does my help comes from....

This is a piece I worked on this week.

Over the Hills

This piece was a commission piece for one of my friends, of my version of the country side...


More of the Love Series

I am loving the purples right now with a mix of brilliant violet, violet and purple


Hi, Just finished an exhibition at the Waitakere Arts Award where I sold both my pieces, really excited about where my art is going, here are few more pieces I have done, sorry I haven't updated in awhile


The Love Series

I loved doing this piece, it was so much fun!


My Holiday Dream

I created this thinking about all the weather we have had lately and dreaming of a hot summer day ....like a lizard on a hot rock ! :))


Something Beautiful

Hey ...long time no entry...well I've been working on my Faith, Hope and Love Series, here is one of the many :) enjoy


More Sea Inspiration

Nothing nicer than feeling the cool air and feeling the sand at your feet....

Come Sea Me

Totally inspired by the last few weeks of crispy beautiful Autumn days, I been walking the beach and this is the outcome :)


One Classy Lady

Hi, This is one of latest creations, she is one classy lady! Enjoy


Love will Never Fail

This was a special piece and lots of different textures were added for fun :)

My Flax View

Had a great time at the Artist Studio weekend meeting other artists and painting new stuff, this was one of my creations that weekend!


Meet Shaddy the Curious Caterpillar

Well actuall I think he's pretty nosey ;)
This was so much fun and what a character this caterpillar has, ready to reach out and touch the sky ....but first things first, have to get to that yummy leaf!


Walk with me

Just a piece incorporating all of what I do best, poetry, my flowers and hearts :) I hope you like this piece, it's one of my favs


Faith to Move a Mountain

More character with my flowers, love green too and here is something with Rangitoto. Enjoy!


Garden Of Blue

I just love the colour blue and things you can do with it! and of course my flowers, hope you like this latest creation :)



Love's journey

This is only part of my painting, Loves Journey...I just love painting with a purpose! esp when it comes to LOVE :)

You have Captured My Heart

...Boy haven't I been busy well actually usually when my hubby and I watch a video is the best time for me to paint funny enough and that when my most creative work come out... Happy Valentines!

Gift of Aroha

Just a different kind of art for me....simple but effective is what I like and doesn't the colour blue ROCK!


Love never fails!

Love never fails is using a special window canvas, really special, hope you like it!


Unconditonal Love II

Here is another one of my Love's Journey Collection

Unconditional Love

Happy New Year, I have a collection of my Love's Journey Series I'll like to upload, here is the first, all for sale on trademe.


World Prayer