Through the trees

Through the trees is a new orginal piece with me experimenting with trees and the colour scheme, hope you like it!

Pacifica Green

This was one of my earlier pieces that I touched up and finished, really pleased how it turned out! This is currently on sale on Trademe!


First Come First Served

This painting was so much fun, Two seagulls aiming for lunch on a rock, this will be for sale at the Kelston Girls College Exhibition coming up in October!

Windows of Beauty

This piece is one I have been working on for awahile and will be for sale at the Waitakere Trust Exhibition, I have tried to capture some of the essence of NZ. If you are interested please check out the details on my Coming Exhibitions.


Taking Sides

Just having fun with my fallen beauty series, this is using different colours that compliment each other.

Faith to Move a Mountain

Wanted to try something a little different for me and paint with very limited colours, really pleased how this piece came out of Rangitoto, I have some very vibrant red flax and added that for variety, also the stones went with the colour of the mountain so it was very enjoyable!


What Happened the Year I was born :))

In 1972 (the year you were born)

Richard Nixon is president of the US

President Nixon approves NASA's space shuttle, a reusable spacecraft, at a cost of $5.5 billion

Nixon arrives in China for an 8 day visit, which he calls a "journey for peace"

While campaigning for the presidency Alabama Governor George C. Wallace is shot and seriously wounded

Five men are arrested in the Watergate office complex in DC for breaking into the offices of the Democratic National Committee

Hurricane Agnes strikes the East Coast causing 117 deaths

First scientific hand-held calculator (HP-35) os introduced for $395

Shaquille O'Neal, Jennifer Garner, The Rock, The Notorious B.I.G., Cameron Diaz, Eminem, and Alyssa Milano are born

Oakland Athletics win the World Series

Dallas Cowboys win Superbowl VI

Boston Bruins win the Stanley Cup

The Godfather is the top grossing film

Pink Floyd debuts "The Dark Side of the Moon" during a performance at London's Rainbow Theater

"You've Got a Friend" by Carole King wins a Grammy for song of the year

The Price is Right premieres on CBS


On my Journey...

A vein of my Fallen Beauty series has emerged, it is called On my Journey ...discovering life, my flower is taking a trip by the wind to different places over rocks, past Rangitoto, these are currently on sale on Trademe.


Dancing Beauties

This is part of my fallen beauty series that I have sold on Trademe this past week, using browns, creams and indian ink I'm really pleased how they came out, there are more to come this coming week as I love the outcome of using these colours and resene paints! Have a great week. Leao


Fallen Beauty Series

Hi, This is the 3rd of my fallen beauty series...Just a little explaination of my series I have created my art version of flowers, beautiful to view but imperfect just like us in desperate need of a Saviour...we are like flowers that appear in splendor for just a moment and time whether a blessing or a curse will take that away what we do in that splendor is our choice! There are 5 different ones currenly on sale on trademe.


Lest We Forget

I don't know about you but I've been thinking a little about the freedom we have enjoyed in NZ for so long and how much we have taken it for granted, In fact as we remember Anzac day it's fast becoming a memory but one we mustn't forget, this is a really different piece for me but I wanted to grasp the essence of the poppy and that it was the first flower to grow on the soldiers grave, it was a symbol of resurrection. This poppy has the pod of new growth and a new generation, may we never forget. Don't forget to get your poppy.
This is currently on sale at Trademe


When You Love Me

I love Sara Groves song Fly, there are words on there that I have included in my piece...they are oh how the little things strengthen my tiny wings, help to take the world, when you love me there's nothing I wouldn't try I might even fly....I might even fly...I love this piece and this is currently on sale on trademe :)


Pacific Princess Designs

Just for a refreshing change I thought I'd paint some pacific island dresses, I got the inspiration from my bridesmaid dresses which was similar to the blue ones, these are currently on sale on trademe. If you are interested just click here.


Show me the path

This is my latest piece & a poem I'd like to share with you that I have on this painting...
Show me the path
Where love starts and never ends
Where faith endures, rain or shine
Where hope brightens even the darkest night
Show me the path Where dreams are realised
Where truth is spoken in the highest regards
This is the path...where love endures forever...Walk with me
by Leao
Currently for sale on trademe.


Latest Art Piece

Been experimenting with other things besides flax, this is called Living stones which the bible says we are, using stones and a rich red & a cabbage tree for effect, this is currently on trademe.


Strength was created this year with the strength that comes from the Lord, He has
upheld my family through many hard times. The Lord is my strength and my salvation is one of many verses that has really encouraged me.

Through the Koru window was created one summer evening, I love painting Rangitoto and using the beautiful colours of sunset.

My Father's garden was created in dedication to my dad who for many years have grown a taro garden until last year when he retired, my fondest memories are digging in my dad's taro garden!

One Paua Day

One Paua day was created when I went to art class and discovered how beautiful the paua really was, the colours really dazzled me and the more colours I counted the more a realize how beautiful God's design was for everything He made.


World Prayer