Watching Mum graduate

It was a very proud moment today when I and my siblings watched my mum graduate with a BA in Social Work, she has been working very hard and at times it seemed impossible, for 6 years of part time study, full time Mum, full time Wife, full time Work with the community it was amazing to see her walk on that stage and receive her cap.  I was so proud of her and look forward to the things she does in the community, I have missed having her around but studying comes with a price and today as she walked on stage it was one of those moments of happiness.  She worked really hard for it and if I ever needed a Social Worker she would be the one I would call.



Wow I can't believe this first term has gone already, so much has happened in the last 3 months and already I'm planning what do with the boys this coming holidays, I love the holidays actually going from homeschooling to making lunches in the morning is real change.  We plan to do a bit of walking to keep fit so it looks like we might walk the twin streams paths this holidays, the WCC have made some pretty good maps so that we can walk some good distances and still enjoy it. Looking forward to updating this more reguarly :) with all 3 boys at home lol


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