Pacific Princess Designs

Just for a refreshing change I thought I'd paint some pacific island dresses, I got the inspiration from my bridesmaid dresses which was similar to the blue ones, these are currently on sale on trademe. If you are interested just click here.


Show me the path

This is my latest piece & a poem I'd like to share with you that I have on this painting...
Show me the path
Where love starts and never ends
Where faith endures, rain or shine
Where hope brightens even the darkest night
Show me the path Where dreams are realised
Where truth is spoken in the highest regards
This is the path...where love endures forever...Walk with me
by Leao
Currently for sale on trademe.


Latest Art Piece

Been experimenting with other things besides flax, this is called Living stones which the bible says we are, using stones and a rich red & a cabbage tree for effect, this is currently on trademe.


World Prayer